UNIQUE LEBAL™ Magnetic iwatch Band

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Compatible with all Apple Watches - Series 1, 2, 3, & 4, 38/40mm & 42/44mm.

You've seen Apple's Milanese band. It's bland, boring, dull, & they charge [$199] for it...

We've completely enhanced the look. It's now sleek, stylish and comfortable.

Our strap is also made from the same material, yet we are charging 3 times less than Apple. Put it this way, you could buy 3 on our site for the price of 1 on theirs.

Don't overpay a simple Milanese strap. Upgrade your style at a fair price today. You deserve it.

☑️EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Our strap has an adjustable magnetic buckle that fits your wrist like a glove.

☑️BREATHABLE DESIGN: Our looped metal design doesn't stick to your wrists, get caught in your arm hair, or trap sweat like other straps.

☑️SLEEK MINIMALIST STYLE: Other straps try too hard to stand out.  minimalist style is a testament to how simple and sleek just looks better.

☑️LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Metal straps can be heavy and bulky, but AMP'S looped metal is super lightweight while still remaining sturdy.

☑️SAME QUALITY, BETTER PRICE: We source our AMP strap from the same stainless steel material Apple does, yet they charge $160 more. Why pay 4 times more for the same thing?

☑️NO FEES + FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: The price you see here is the price you pay. We don't charge any fees, tax is already included, and shipping is 100% FREE. Transparent pricing from visit to purchase

// Band Length: 22cm
// Band Material: Stainless Steel
// Buckle Material: 
Stainless Steel
// Clasp Type: 
// Shipping: