What is Mascara

What is Mascara

Find The Best Mascara To Make Your Lashes Goals Come True

The makeup world is one that is full of wonder. Constantly changing and introducing new ideas to its community, one can’t help but be amazed at this ever-growing industry.

Taking a look at one of the oldest staples in the makeup industry; mascara. It has received various changes in style and new designs/styles have also been introduced since the dawn of makeup.

In the early times mascara was not at all as how you see it nowadays. In fact it was available in cake form with a brush as an applicator. Yes ladies! We just said “cake form”.

There are in fact way more types of mascara than you may think. We’ll discuss more about those a little later. You’re gonna want to stick around to hear all about them.

But basically, mascara has always been a staple cosmetic item for every girl. It’s one of those makeup necessities that always finds its way onto every dressing table and in every handbag around the world.

So, it wouldn’t hurt if you get to know your favorite makeup item a bit more? Here’s some things you never knew but would love to know about mascaras.

What Are Mascaras Made Of?

what is mascara made of

If aliens ever attacked this earth, how would you explain mascara application to one of them?

“Shove a plastic brush covered in black goop somehow into your eye”.

Of course, this statement begs the question! What exactly is that black goop that you apply generously to your lashes? Is it good for you? What is made of? Bat droppings (yep, that’s actually a possibility)?

Well, let me stop you right there! Mascara goop is made of everything BUT bat droppings contrary to what a huge number of people may think.

Mascara’s ingredients are actually made from highly pure and safe substances like iron oxide and carbon black. These 2 key ingredients provide the darkening agent in the mascara formula to their mere nature.

Now, to seamlessly bring together the cosmetic formula, thickening agents, polymers, preservatives are used to give that goopy touch. However, it hasn’t always been like this.

Back in the day when ladies were newly introduced to the concept of makeup, mascaras were formulated by way more dangerous ingredients such as aniline, turpentine and kohl spiked with traces of lead.

However, as women grew more conscious of what they put on their face and if there are any drawbacks to it, mascaras began to be formulated with additional care.

But it is worth mentioning that NEVER in the history of makeup, was bat poop ever used as an ingredient. Disgusting!

Types of Mascara

types of mascara

Just like the transformation of the mascara formula, the cosmetic product in itself went through multiple visible changes regarding its style, design and more than anything the state of its formula.

Many ladies may see that nowadays, not much effort is needed to apply mascara from the tiny bottle it comes in. Contrary to long ago, when women would have to use a small damp brush (not spoolie) to apply mascara to their lashes from formula that was presented as a cake (just like blush nowadays).

But as the years moved forward, so did the journey of the mascara phenomena. Here are the details of its peculiarly fascinating journey:

  • Cake Mascara

The famous cake mascara came in a small packaging, similar to the one you’d get pressed powder in. The applicator was a small brush with a single line of bristles.

The brush was to be dampened before use and then brushed against the cake of black substance then applied to the lashes. It was pretty simple but painstaking and highly troublesome compared to the options we have nowadays.

  • Tube Mascara

In the 1960s, the first tube mascara was invented by Maybelline and it is the one that to this day is used but only with newer formulas.

  • Liquid Mascara

After the invention of the tube mascara, new spinoffs like the liquid mascara were quick to emerge. Although not as efficient, the liquid mascara didn’t need water for application.

  • Powder Mascara

Powder mascara is not an actual product that you can buy but it is all over the internet. In reality powder mascara is baby powder/face powder that you apply to your lashes in hopes of thickening them.

However, beauty gurus have debunked this silly trend as useless and harmful to you as the powder could enter your eye and cause cracks in your makeup.

What’s The Best Mascara to Buy

After getting to know about the backstory of makeup and the many types there are (or not), there must be a persistent question in your mind.

“What’s the best mascara for me?”

Well, that completely depends on you. What are you trying to achieve by applying makeup? Let’s summarize it! You want your lashes to look:

  • Thicker
  • Longer
  • More luscious
  • Voluminous

Technically, every mascara aims to provide you with that but there are only a select number of mascaras that help you achieve your dream lash look. It actually completely depends on the formula of the mascara.

Get to Know the 4D Silk Fiber Mascara

4d silk fiber mascara

The 4D Silk Fiber Mascara is different than most other mascaras as its application process and packaging is quite different. The formula is spiked with micro sized silk fibers that help in sealing the formula together to create the finest volumizing mascara ever.


Micro green tea fibers are also incorporated in the natural formula to help give your lashes a natural curl all day. Moreover the long wearing formula is water resistant however with some soap, it’ll come off real easily.

The application process is fairly easy as the product comes in a box with two different tubes. Confusing to some at first, it is actually quite logical and easy to understand.

mascara tubes

One tube contains the formula with the fibers and the other contains transplant gel to seal everything together. This feature sets this product apart from others as you can be the judge of how much of each product to apply.

Depending on how voluminous and luscious you want your lashes to be, you concentrate on the fiber formula more. And in the end you get a satisfyingly aesthetic and classy lash extension look.

Seriously! Your lashes will look like falsies and you’ll be getting all the questions and compliments.Wanna give it a shot?